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† Do I need a web site ?
—> Internet users arround the world will reach 1.5 billion users on 2011 (That represent 22% of world's population) according to Jupiter Research. This is 36% more than on 2006 where the internet users were estimated at 1.1 billion. (Source Journal du Net) 50% of internet users declare have made his researches on internet before shopping, going out and even before looking for consultation.
The number of hits on search engines is counted by millions per day.
So, you have to reply to this question.

† What's a statique web site?
—> A static web site is one or more web page linked together where your information and photos are displayed. It's the simpliest form of a web site.
Mainly these web sites are developped in HTML and CSS languages.

† To whom is this kind of web sites for?
—> To anyone who wants to have a presence on the world wide web with a simple and economic solution. It will be like a permenant show room for their business and a a way to communicate with internauts.

† Is it a good solution for me?
—> This is a good solution for:
* For stores and companies that want to present their products to a very large market.
* For craftsman who wants to show his talent to the world.
* For a doctor, an accountant or an ingeneer who wants to grab more customers.
* Or even for someone who wants to share his hobby with other and tell them about it.

† How much does it cost?
—> Our prices are very competitive. Please contact us for a case study. We will be able than to suggest the best solution and a free of charge estimate. Nos prix sont très compétitifs.

† And for the site update?
—> A static internet web site needs a certain level of technical knowledge to be updated. You can rent our services for a reasonable rate to update your information. If you thik that you will need to update your site more often, we suggest that you check our dynamic web site solution.

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