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† Do I need a web site?
—> Internet users arround the world will reach 1.5 billion users on 2011 (That represent 22% of world's population) according to Jupiter Research. This is 36% more than on 2006 where the internet users were estimated at 1.1 billion. (Source Journal du Net) 50% of internet users declare have made his researches on internet before shopping, going out and even before looking for consultation.
The number of hits on search engines is counted by millions per day.
So, you have to reply to this question.

† What's a dynamic web site?
—> A dynamic web site is the evolution of the static site that permits the interactivity of the site witht he user. It can recognize the country and the language of the internaut and display the addapted information. It can open secured sessions and exchange data with each user securely.
This type of web sites are mainly developped in PHP, Perl, ASP, Java languages and are linked to a database in order to keep users information and site data.

† To whom is this kind of web sites for?
—> It's for people who wants to interact with their site visitors. It's a more sophisticated web site that gives a large choice of communication tools with internaut such as guest book and application forms. E-commerce sites, online shopping, search engines and directories are the best examples.

Is it a good solution for me?
—> This is a good solution for:
* For companies that want to know their customers opinions.
* For stores who want to offer an online store and virtual catalogues.
* For a restaurant that wants to update his menu everyday and receive online reservations with no need to web programmer.
* Or for someone that wants to share his photos, his happy and less happy moments with his freinds and family and give them the possibility to interact with him.

How much does it cost?
—> A dynamic web site is not necessarily expensive but it have to meet your present needs and be able to grow with your future ones. Please contact usso that we would be able to study your needs and send you a free of charge estimate.

† And for the update of the web site?
—> The update of this type of web site is simple. You have the choice to hire a profesionnel to do it for you or to do it yourself. Our back office solution for dynamic web sites will allow you to make the update yourself without any technical knowledge.

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