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Static and Flash banners solution    

† And if I don't have a web site and I want to promot my business on internet?
—> We provide for this a very simple solution, It's the static or Falsh banners.

† What's a static or a Flash banner?
—> The internet users calls this small space where graphics and photos appears on the top or on the sides of a web page banners. They are optimized to attract your eye and gives the maximum of information in this very small size.

† To whom are the banners?
—> Mainly for people who have already a web site and want to launch a marketing campain on other sites as well as people who don't have web sites and want to take the opportunity of the big internet market users to promot their business.

† Is this solution suits me?
—> This solution suits you if:
* You have a web site and want to launch a marketing campain on other sites or promot a product on your own site.

† How much does a banner cost?
—> Banner's price depends on its size and on its technical aspect. We invite you to check our banner standard sizes for more information.

† But where the visitor will be directed when he clicks on my banner and I don't have a web site?
—> Don't worry for this, we have the solution. It's the landing page. We offer you a landing page for an annuel fee as low as 50 dollars.

† Sooo, what's a landing page?
—> Click here to know what's a landing page....

Check our banners standard sizes

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